As of late I feel the need to accomplish things - check things off lists (um, even thought that's a normal desire for me), make plans and carry them out, get my hands dirty.  That kind of thing.

So I decided to start planning out garden.  But I was thwarted by the fact that we'll likely be moving in July.  We're going to plant some tomatoes in containers that we can take with us and maybe start some onions in containers because we eat a LOT of green onion.  I still felt thwarted though.

I decided to turn my efforts to something more immediate.  For a long time I've wanted to make laundry detergent.  Nothing could go wrong with that, right?  Except that I had a tough time finding all the ingredients.  It surprised me too because a lot of the "recipes" I found online said they found everything at Walmart.  I doubt their Walmart was the only Walmart in a 100 mile radius.  Frustrating. ... So I pushed on.  I went to grocery stores and I found everything I needed between two stores.  I was so pleased.  The girls and I went home and got to work.

Mostly I made the girls sit back while I mixed everything together.  Something told me it wouldn't be a good idea for them to stand close by and inhale Borax.  Just they did love the process - seeing the blue, pink, and white all mix around in the clear container.  I used these directions and I love the results.  This is the first time, since Gwenna was born, that I've used a scented detergent.  Even thought it smells vaguely like one of my brothers (yeah, weird) it's a nice change.  Also, for how much I spent on it, and how long it will last, I am well pleased.

After my mini-victory and feeling like I was able to accomplish something outside of the normal house chores, church responsibilities, and the like, I wanted to tackle something else.  Meredith potty trained pretty early (my our standards - right at 2 years old) and she is also really tiny anyway.  Even though she's been potty trained for about 4 months now, she has still been using her tiny training potty that needs to be emptied out.  What a chore, right?  But the last 2 weeks or so, she just wants to go on the big potty with her ducky potty seat.  I'm sure you've seen them, the little padded seats that plot down on top of a regular toilet seat.  The trouble with that is, even with our larges stool, she couldn't get up there alone.  We were still where we were before - having to be involved with every trip her teeny bladder made to the toilet.

I made the decision a couple days ago to get a toilet seat that has a child size seat in the lid.  No added height, no switching things around; it's all right there.  I purchased this one at Home Depot.  The little seat on the inside stays put to the lid with a magnet. 

After my girls were down for their nap I attempted to get our old seat off.  Wow.  It could not have been more complicated (or nasty)!  I won't bore you with those details but I will say after it was off and cleaned (thank goodness!!) the new seat installed pretty easily.  Only one tool was required - a 1/2 in. socket wrench (a regular wrench would have worked but where's the fun in that?!) and I did it all by myself. 

Mer loves the new seat.  She can get on and off all by herself.  I'm pleased that she has gained some independence.  It has freed me from being in the bathroom with her every time and also given her more charge over what she does.  And of course I feel super accomplished in having done that without husband help.

Just a couple things but they've helped a lot lately, making me feel more like myself when I've kind of been losing a sense of that lately.  I'm really looking forward to sewing more as well once we can afford that habit. :)  Ted's first paycheck came in today with his new pay rate and I had to give a little "WOO HOO!" because I felt suddenly less poor (not true of course) and because I knew it can only go up from here.  A any rate, nice to be feeling a little more like "me" - thanks to those of you who have been asking. :)

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Amy said...

I think Mer needs to send her potty training vibes our way. S doesn't even want to sit on the potty. Sigh. Some day, some day.