Rocky Rosco

Let's take a moment to feel sorry for Rocko.

Not only can no one get his name right (Rock, Rocky, Rosco... you name it) but he is surrounded by women. Yes, he has Ted but Ted is home so rarely during the playing hours of the day. And even then, Ted himself is rather defenseless in relation to our daughters. The tea parties alone are de-masculine-ating enough. Maybe misery loves company.

What you can't see is the butterfly necklace that stayed on for the grater part of the morning until nap time.  Poor dog.  And he's so manly looking, too... all gruff and kind of scary looking.  If only people really knew what a total softie that kid is.

I believe Ted's exact quote when these pictures were being taken was, "Smile Rocko, it's going on the blog!"

On an unrelated note, I'm posting my craftiness here.  Not much by way of tutorial, but there is some cuteness!

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