My mother-in-law is coming to stay with us for a while. ... When our family first moved to this house, Ted and I took the big addition in the back of the house (with the fireplace and 10x10 closet!) as our room.  After 1 summer of being cooled by the in-wall AC unit and 1 winter of being warmed solely by the fireplace, we decided to move into the "main house".  The room we moved into was a guest/play room.  But it was really only used when we had guests because we didn't play in there. 

It was nice to move across the hall from the girls.  I actually slept better knowing I could hear them easily.  Our electricity bill went down since we were already cooling the rest of the house, the second summer here we only cooled the back room while it was being used.  I really like being in the room we're in now even if I miss out on the fireplace, which is both romantic and fun.  However, when we made the move, like any sane, sensible, adults, we kept the giant closet as our own.

Today we began the transition of moving our clothes and other closet-housed items into our room.  We thought Ted's mom might be able to use the space better than we are.  We moved mostly just this season's clothes into our tiny closet in our room and left unused items (my wedding dress, a box of purses, out of season shoes, boxes of financial papers, etc) back there.

The best part of this all is the "lost and found" aspect.  We purged ("lost") a good amount of stuff.  We had a garbage bag brimming with things no one would want (why did we have all that?!), 2 crates of goods for our impending garage sale, and a bag of clothes to donate. 

But the "found" part might have been even better.  I found my sewing scissors that came with my refurbished sewing machine.  They cut fabric like butter.  I've been using my rotary cutter exclusively because no other scissors I have compare to these.   I also found the earliest picture of Ted in existence, he is maybe 2.5 in it.  We also found the tape deck adapter that allows Ted's iPod to blare over the speakers in our Taurus, 3 old cell phones the girls are playing with, page protectors, a Sharpie to replace the one I just threw away, and two cords for our portable DVD player.  It's like Christmas!

I've wanted to start purging things as of late.  I've been compiling articles and recommendation lists for moving.  I'm determined to make this move smoother than the last one - in which we packed the bulk of our house in 1 week to meet a sudden school deadline.  Part of our master plan is to purge as much as we can, comfortably, and have 2 garage sales.  I think Ted only wants 1 but I opt for 2, about a month apart. 

As a sidenote, one great tip I found was to pack a suitcase with 3 changes of clothes for each person in the family.  You never know how quickly things will be unpacked and 3 days is a nice buffer.  I've moved a lot myself but as a family, we've only moved once and we didn't have the luxury of doing it nicely.  This time is going to be better.  This time is going to be less stressful.  This time is going to make last time cry.

I'm grateful for the push in the right direction that my mother-in-law gave me, without even knowing what she was doing.  I feel good about the progress we're making and I hope we can keep up the momentum, in small bursts, over the course of the semester. The toughest part, I think, will be sorting through the too-small-for-Mer clothes and decide what stays and what goes.  Sentimental.

Another side note - Ted has an interview tomorrow morning for an LPN job.  It's actually an RN position but it's internal and they'll hire an LPN who already works there if they are pursuing their RN.  That's Ted.  So keep your everything crossed for us.  As I like to say when I'm wishing people luck, "I'll keep my fingers crossed and knees bent" - a hope and a prayer!


Amy said...

From personal experience, purging that which is unnecessary in preparation for a move is a brilliant idea. We should have purged more before we left Stillwater.

Congratulations on finding all that stuff too. It's like Christmas all over again! :)

Sarah said...

I LOVE cleaning and purging! We gave up doing yard sales (unless a friend is having one, then we join in with a few things), but we love to donate our "found but not needed" items to the local animal shelter and to the poor orphans in Mexico.
PLUS, it's so much easier to clean and organize without all that junk taking up space!
Um, not that your stuff is junk...but some of MINE is. So I'm happy to get rid of it.
I'll stop typing now...