My 30 day experiment

I haven't been on Facebook for quite a while (a few months, I think) and I think I'm done with it for good.  I like having the time that I before spent on Facebook and I feel better in general when I'm not on it.  I do still hop on Ted's account from time to time to see family pictures and catch up with a few people who don't blog.

A while after getting off Facebook, I joined Twitter because I still have these random status-update-like thoughts in my head.  So why not, right?  So between Twitter and my Google Reader (my feed of all my friends' blogs) I felt connected to people that I wanted to feel connected to.

But for whatever reason (and there are reasons) I decided to put it all aside for a while.  For the next 30 days I'm not going to get on Twitter.  I'm not going to get on Ted's Facebok account.  And, I'm not going to read my Google Reader. 

I'm sure I'll delve into reasons as time goes on but I'm interested to see how this month long project goes. February 25, should I feel so inclined, I'll return to my normally scheduled programing.  But we'll see.  Maybe I'll update here as time goes on but I'm not committing to anything.  (Noticing a theme here? Ha.)


Mary Anne said...

I'm sure it will be a wonderful 30 days! But I'm not sure I could do it forever...

Sarah said...

Good luck with this project. I got off of Facebook for a few months and it was great, but I did miss knowing what my friends were up to. We are so rural that its hard to keep in touch with my neighbor, so getting back on was fun. Hope you have a fantastic 30 days!