Let's be clear.

I don't think the Sunbeams were actually as challenging as I thought they were.

I don't take back the fact that it's tough to be in charge of a room of 3 year olds - period.  But try to teach them a spiritually centered message interspersed with rhymes, songs with actions, coloring, your own testimony that they are children of God... all while insisting they mostly remain in their seats and try raising their hands. And do it with a smile.  Wow, that's tiresome.

But! I do take back some of my complaining.

On Saturday Mer was sick.  She puked a whole bunch and couldn't keep down even water.  She was pretty miserable.  It went from the stroke of Saturday - midnight - to 8:30 AM.  After she got a little lunch in her and a nap she was a new woman.  But those 8 or so hours were so sad.  Isn't it rough, as a parent, to be mostly helpless as your child suffers, even short term? 

On Sunday I was unmistakably tired even though I got decent rest the night before.  I woke (Ted was working and subsequently was up at 4 to leave at 4:30 for his 12-hour shift that started at 5:30.  Yeah, his days are long.), readied the girls and myself for 9:00 church, did the 3 hours of church, came home, and I was shaking from lack of nourishment.  Naturally, I'd blame my new calling, right?

Except that by 5:00 it was PAINFULLY - really - obvious that I had gotten Mer's plague.  And by nearly the same moment I was sure of this, Ted was sure of his suffering as well. 

I hurried home from our friends' house were I should have been enjoying Sunday dinner.  Ted, now white as a ghost by all co-workers' accounts, had an hour drive home.

3 blocks from home Ted tossed his pineapple.  No really, he is relatively sure the only thing in him at that point was some fruit from earlier in the day.  ... Lucky.  By 7:00 I was certain I'd never eat another corn tortilla with any sort of filling but especially lime.  Nice, right?

You know how sometimes when you're sick you just want to throw up because you know you'll feel better?  That's how I felt.  And I don't think you know how significant this is.  I hadn't thrown up from August 1998 until November 2006.  Then, after that, I hadn't thrown up until mid-2011.  That's right, skipped both pregnancies and all.  I. Don't. Puke. ... ... Ever.  Well, OK, obviously sometimes, but rarely.  So the fact that I yearned to throw up should tell you something about how vile this illness was.

But that's not all, friends.  Because puking when you have this bug (and some of my readers will understand because it's going around this valley like Amish friendship bread starter) doesn't help.  The intense stomach cramps mimic momentary death.

Ted was ridden to the recliner in the living room, I on the couch.  I picked up my phone to call my neighbor, Grandma Good (that really is her last name).  She promptly came by just before 8:00.  She brought us soup, carbonated lemon-lime beverage, puke receptacles, heated blankets, and unmeasurable love and patience for our poor neglected children.  It was to be, until then, our only option that our children run around in circles until they fell asleep on the couch, if I didn't call in some sort of reinforcement.  And Grandma Good fit the bill.  She stayed for several hours, delivering cups of water, crackers, tissues, extra blankets, picking up toys, tucking in kids, and making sure our door was locked before she let herself out.

Grandma Good - who also came by in the morning, offering to skip work to care for the girls if needs be - was a Godsend.

Never mind that I wasn't able to fall asleep until 4 but was woken by children at 6, couldn't eat more than what could fit in a dixie cup the entire next day, or lost 3 lbs overnight.  I'm not grateful to have survived.  Dramatic? Yes.  But I seriously don't know what we'd have done without the help of our neighbor. I was forced to be humble enough to allow my neighbor to care for my puking self and husband in a house that our children had more of less run a muck in for 2 hours with stickers, a basket of unfolded laundry, and the contents of an entire toy box.  It was worth it though.  It was nice to be cared for and cared for well and it sure proved to me that even in the direst of situations, we are totally covered.

So bring on the Sunbeams!! ... You know, the ones who I didn't almost kill off by just coming in contact with last Sunday.  Oops.


Beth said...

Oh my! What a time you guys have had! I'm glad we're continuing to stay cooped up in our home because no one has come down with that stomach bug yet. Garrett neither.

I'm glad you guys are feeling better! And that Grandma Good was there to assist. She is some woman! Do you STILL want to move away? :)

Of course you must be feeling at least a little better because I did see you ride by yesterday. :) I'm guessing your girls were going stir crazy, huh?

Sometime soon your family just needs to stop being sick and come visit with us!

The Browns said...

OUCH Kelly! I guess I feel really blessed that Ben and I got it 2 weeks apart instead of at the same time. It's HORRIBLE, isn't it??? I haven't gotten anything like that for years. I'm glad you had help! What a wonderful woman!!! =]