What's New?

I really can't bring myself to post about our long Christmas day here when I'm going to have to document it for memory's sake on my girls' blog anyway.  So here's as close as I'm getting.

For Christmas Ted made something for me that I love.  He also got me some pretty cool things but for the purpose of this post, I want to talk about what he made.

It's a mail sorter.  He actually made one for me last year too but I've found that I need one that can hold full size sheets of paper (such as Ted's various test print outs which he sometimes studies from and I never know where to put) and has multiple cubbies.  Last year's was narrow, tall, and sat on the counter.  I LOVE that this lifts things up off the counter.

The great part about it is that it's also a shelf so I can put things up top - like the nifty growing plant clippings from our neighbor's outdoor planter and my weekly menu display.  It's sort of an organization station.

Ted even painted it just the way I wanted, a faded, rustic-looking blue.  Isn't he awesome?  You don't have to validate that statement, he just is.

Also, another new something or two around here is my new pairs of glasses.

As I've started sewing more lately, I've noticed a lot of eye strain.  I get headaches if I sew long or read for a good amount of time.  I haven't had glasses for several months, since one of my children pulled the arms off my back-up pair.  I'd only had them a year.  It's frustrating that something I need can be destroyed that easily and then I HAVE to replace it.  I don't really have a choice.

I did put it off as long as I could but I shouldn't have, for my eyes', head's, and demeanor's sake.  I saw an eye doctor in our ward and got a good long lecture when he found out I planned on purchasing my eyeglasses online. (I bought them from, just as Ted did last year when he got his.)  ... Supporting small business, customer service, quality products, all that jazz.  I actually agree entirely but without eye insurance my 2 pairs of classes for under $40 was more appealing than 1 pair for around $100.

So here they are, a̶w̶k̶w̶a̶r̶d̶ ̶  nifty self portraits.  First, my favorite, my red glasses and then the ones that kind of squeeze my head behind my ears.  I'm sure my head will adjust.

I don't really want to wear them to church (can you blame me??) but my headaches have disappeared.  Awesome, right?  So that's what's new!

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