(Ugly) Sweater Party

Is it like a prerequisite to being Mormon that you have an ugly Christmas sweater party?  If so, I guess we're a dead giveaway.

Ted and I opted to make our sweaters for the ugly Christmas sweater party we were invited to this year.  The sweaters were were finding had such great potential for ugly, they just needed some embellishment.  Here is Ted's in all it's glory.

He was really proud of it, but especially the back side.  That Christmas tree really made him grin.

Oh and that little figurine he's holding up?  It's the trophy.  He won the ugly sweater competition.  Was there any doubt?

Apparently mine was gaudy and therefore held an element of ugly but was still too cute.  That's alright though, I bow down to Ted's ability to make a sweater ugly.  Let's hope he never takes up knitting... for multiple reasons.

Here's the entire cast:

 3 couple each with 2 kids per family, 3 boys, 3 girls, all ages 18 months - nearly 4.  Crazy fun, right? Not as crazy fun as whatever the men were wearing on their heads.  One of the games (all games were for the WHOLE family, which I LOVED) entailed making antlers for dad.  We blew up balloons and stuffed them in their brown panty hose (which I normally call nylons but since they are on a man's head, panty hose was too good to pass up) making antlers.

Great fun.  Excited to replay some of the games next year... or next week!

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