A shade different

Back in August of last year, not long after we moved here, I colored my hair.  I had been coloring it for a while with the same color and, in case I have never mentioned it before (but I'm pretty sure I have), Ted is the best at home (husband) colorist EVER.  So, anyway, I'd been using this one color that I got at Target and then we moved away from Flagstaff.  There's not a Target here (Ha!  Don't make me laugh!) and I found the color closest to what I had been doing, I think even made by the came company.

We slathered it on and ... and... it. turned. out. purple.  PURPLE, friends! "It" being my hair.  Purple hair.

Now, it shouldn't have been THAT surprising except that I had been using something similar for months, maybe close to a year.  But I have so much natural red undertone that it just ran with it and then took a dive, straight into purple.

Luckily my good friend, who happened to live close by (phew!) is a genius with hair and she fixed it over the course of several hours and three color treatments.  She made me repeat several times, "I will never dye my hair at home again." She knows me tendency for red, since she's been coloring my hair as long as my hair has been colored (you know, when Ted wasn't doing it).  

Well that coloring grew out and what hadn't, I cut off last October, 14 months after the fiasco.

The other night, at Safeway, as Ted & I were perusing the clearance section (as we frequently do), we found a hair color I liked a lot.  It was, of course, 50% off, and we thought we'd give it a go.  It was an ash color, which is known to block out the red.  But I was always afraid to use those since they also can look, well, kind of ashy.  However, the color guide on the side showed that I'd end up with something similar to my hair color in seventh grade.  I had to go well with my overall coloring, right?

Here are the results! First picture shows my hair the day I got it cut back in October and the second is today.

Nice, right?  I say, way to go, Ted!  It still has some red tones (golden) to it but it's not purple.  It's also not permanent, it will fade in a few weeks.  But I like it.  I think we'll sort of keep it up.

Dang, I need a hair cut.  Unfortunately, I can't buy a 50% off hair cut at Safeway.

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Amy said...

About a week ago I got my first haircut in over a year! It was a post baby celebration (and the coupon for a $7.99 haircut sweetened the deal).