It's Christmas all over again

It's kind of a big deal, I think, for my kids to have had 2 Christmases in one place.  This is Gwenny's 4th Christmas and Mer's 3rd.

Last year I caught a sweet shot by the Christmas tree.  It evoked something in me.  A sense of awe.  I caught it as we were decorating the tree and the girls stood side by side taking in the magic and lights.  This year I caught something similar.  Just a junky picture but I love it.

Here is last year's version - Mer's head is rather bare looking and Gwenny's hair is short.

As for holiday decprating, our decor has taken a humerous spin as of late.  One of our nutcrackers (we get a new one each year) fell behind the entertainment center and his legs broke off.  He just snapped at the middle.  When he's sitting on the TV it causes his mouth to be open.  ... I call him Lieutenant Dans.

Our toes have taken a holiday turn also. Red, green, and white toes!  I love it and I can't believe my girls stayed still long enough to let the regular nail polish (not the quick dry we normally use) dry.

I've also been holiday crafting a bit.  Check that out over here!


Sarah said...

I LOVE Lieutenant Dan, so cute! Plus, we have the SAME tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve and they are always pj's too!! I love your super easy version, but lucky for me, my mom is making them for my boys this year - Merry Christmas to me! (plus, they'll look LOADS better than if I had made them)

The Browns said...

Hi Kelly, I LOVE your cute Christmas craftiness! (I can't comment on that website so I'm commenting here.) I totally want to make PJ pants for Elizabeth. they're so cute! Someday I'll have time. *sigh* I miss you friend! Merry Christmas!