For anyone who doesn't know, at 18 months, kids in our Church start nursery.  They have toys, a snack, a small lesson, and ideally some activities.  In our ward (congregation) we have a junior and senior nursery.  Mer is junior; Gwenna is senior.  However, in less than 3 weeks, Gwenna will enter the primary program and be a Sunbeam (3 turning 4 years class).  Oh and doesn't she know it! She's so excited to be a sunbeam.  Her nursery leaders have been taking the senior nursery into the singing time portion for a few weeks now and Gwenna lives for this half hour each week.

"Mom, right now I'm just a child of God but soon I'm going to be a Sunbeam!"

Why she won't be a chid of God anymore once she is a Sunbeam is beyond me, but it makes me smile anyway.

Back in November I realized that my first-born baby was going to be a Sunbeam in several weeks and it shocked me.  It's bad enough that she'll be in pre-school next year (which year it practically is) but a Sunbeam?  It just seems so bizarre to me that she's old enough to do these things.  I told her back in November that I don't want her to keep growing up.  It just sort of slipped out.

Now when Gwenna talks about being a Sunbeam she says, "But you don't want me to grow up, huh Mommy?"  I tell her that's true and she replies, "But I want to grow up and be big and go to school!"  She's so ready for all this and has a thirst for life and all it's letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and play ground time!

Since I can't stop her, I guess I'll just be happy that she is growing so well and so lovely.  After all, rumor is, according to the song, Jesus actually does want her for a Sunbeam.

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