Blog post 555/My birthday

I had a birthday last week (woo hoo!) and as all Christmas season birthdays are, it was relatively uneventful.  It normally is but it was especially tame this year.  I just couldn't get a grasp on Christmas like I've been able to do in years past; it just kept getting away from me.  So there was wrapping and even a little present buying, baking, and the like.  I didn't even have a cake or get sung to one time.  It was crazy.

Don't get me wrong, I was honored and celebrated.  Ted, knowing I wanted good slippers with a hard sole that I could wear outside, found some great slippers and ordered them way in advance.  He even had the girls help wrap them.  He worked the night before so on his way home he got flowers and stayed awake to make breakfast and run errands with me when he was really in need of sleep.  My mother-in-law was with us the whole week of Christmas and she tackled a mound of dishes (BEST GIFT EVERRRR!) as well as gave me a nice necklace.  But, like I said, there were things to do.

Ted had planned to do something special for me to wake up to on my birthday.  But as I mentioned, he had to work the night before and it was his third 12+ hour graveyard shift in a row. So after I went to sleep on my birthday, Ted stayed up SUPER late (especially since he worked the night before) and plastered the house with about 60 post-it notes, each with something he loves about me.

The next morning I woke to help Gwenny at about 10 'til 6.  I got her back in bed and on the way out of her room I saw a heart on her door.  Odd.  Then I used the bathroom - as long as I was up - and saw 3 more in the bathroom.  Odder, still.  

I tried to go back to bed, I really did try.  But those little notes (which my sleepy eyes couldn't focus on very well) plagued me.  About 10 sleepless minutes later, I was out of bed and with Gwenna's help we pulled down each little sticky note.

They. Were. Everywhere. Inside my kitchen cabinets, on my Christmas decorations, on the refrigerator, on the stove, on my seat at the table, the bath tub, my make up, the shoe basket... As Gwenna and I collected them - she pointed, I collected - she'd say, "Mama, another valentine!"

When I woke up Ted he just said, " 'I love' can go in front of each one of those."  

Some of my favorites include (I love):
... the good snacks you feed the girls (because it's something I try hard at but who would even notice something so small?)
... your planning (um, because I love to plan.)
... that you love me (because I do, I love him.)
... that you put up with my wild ideas (Glad he appreciates it! - because he sure does have some doozies!)
... your affinity towards these! (It was on my nutcrackers.  I love nutcrackers because I saw the ballet so often as I grew up and Ted feeds my addiction by making sure I get a new nutcracker each year.)
... your ability to learn new, hard things ( - mostly I just hope that's true since I'm taking up piano.)

60 things my husband loves about me.  My 60 valentines I can look at any time I want to.  It made my day, and the timing sort of extended my birthday. It couldn't have worked out better.

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