More Preview

Our pictures are ready, our pictures are ready!  It's like Christmas!  We will be getting all our pictures either later today or tomorrow but until then, Marquette posted more on her blog.  I love them ALL but I picked some favorites from each category.  So, here they are for everyone to enjoy but mostly for the grandmas. :) 

Mer with her typical concerned/inquisitive look.

So nice to be on the other end of the camera for once.

Just like being at home, but with a better camera.


Amy said...

Family pictures are so nice--especially the ones where you really get to catch your family's personality. Hoping I can get some updated family shots in another month!

Niki said...

Gorgeous! Does the photographer travel up here? I love the picture of Mer, she looks so old!

Bethany M said...

These turned out FANTASTIC!! Your girls are beautiful! Lookin' pretty hot in your solo shot too ;)

Mary Anne said...

Oh for CUTEness sakes! I love them. Every last one. She did a wonderful job at capturing your beautiful family!!