Maybe too much for the men.

October 2009 my doctor told me my baby was too small. Little Meredith in my belly was indeed slow growing but not as tiny as they suspected.  It was October 2009 that we started doing ultrasounds non-stress tests and all that jazz... kick counts, ugh the kick counts!  They eventually induced labor at 38 weeks, thinking she'd be 4 lbs. 9 oz. best case scenario.  (They were wrong but that didn't make that period of time in October 2009 any easier.) But in November 2009 I got my baby!

October 2010 I bled the entire month.  I know, not a pretty statement but it's the truth.  In May of 2009 I got an IUD and by time October rolled by my body had just had enough of it, I guess.  It wasn't terribly pleasant and my doctor sent me to another doctor who put me on INSANE medication that made me feel more sick than I did wither either pregnancy.  I decided it wasn't worth it to work that hard at NOT bring pregnant.  Oh, and a side note, the medication is one of the major causes of my gallstones & reason I had my gallbladder removed.  So then in November 2010 I had the IUD taken out and things got better. Much better.

October 2011 I had this long period then it stopped for a few days and I had another.  They call that breakthrough bleeding.  Also my hair was falling out.  Then I went to the doctor.  She thought it was super weird, remarked that October wasn't my month, and sent me for an ultrasound.  I remarked to the ultrasound tech that an ultrasound without  a baby inside you was a total bust.  No pictures or fun. So she printed a picture for me of my crazy-full bladder and we laughed.  The ultrasound came back awesome, a completely "unremarkable" uterus.  Then November 2011 rolled around and my hair got thicker, I had normal cycles and life was good.  I even am in need of a hair cut.

So why all the self disclosure and woman talk?  No reason other than to point out that I hate October.  I just do.  We don't get along!  Um, never mind that October 2007 I got pregnant with Gwenna.  It was like the last couple days so it was practically November. Generally, I just hate October.  But life tends to turn up in November.

I don't think it really has anything to do with October, per se, but it sure is a great analogy.  Life is bound to get crappy sometimes, it's inevitable as October.  But November will come and with any luck December will be right behind - a month full of birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas!

It always gets better.  Even if the endless 31 day month seems to drag on forever.  November is always right around the corner.

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Sarah said...

You know, October has been kind of a caca month for me as well. It's hard to get over those feelings once they've been tainted!
However, my November and December have been AWESOME in comparison (with a strong exception to my back injury), so it might, just maybe, have been worth the yuckiness.
I hope your December is AWESOME and WONDERFUL and FULL OF HOPE and JOY and LOVE.