Generally my husband is pretty awesome.

He had to work on Thanksgiving, a nice long 12 hour shift with an hour commute each way.  The night before he made 2 pies, 1 pumpkin pie for us to enjoy with our friends and 1 pecan pie to take to work and share with his co-workers.  Pretty awesome.  As if that is impressive enough, he grew the pumpkins for the pie, cooked & pureed them.  Awesome.

The following Saturday Ted was even OK with taking our friends 2 kids for about 2.5 hours (until 9:15 at night), feeding them dinner (including the child who had his tonsils out 5 days earlier), letting all 4 run around like CRAZIES, and we even took their dog.  We wanted him to get to know Rocko (since Millie lives with a new family now) in case our friends should ever need some pet care help when they go out of town.  But he's a BIG dog.  Ted didn't care though.  He's pretty awesome.

Yesterday was just kind of insane.  I woke up with the weight of all the things I have to get done this week, sitting heavily on my mind.  But yesterday alone I had to order Christmas pictures, do dishes, 3 loads of laundry, order prints for my sister's baby shower, finish my sister's baby gifts, finish one of several homemade Christmas gifts ... all while keeping up with my newly potty trained child and do all the regular chores and household tasks like cleaning and cooking.  I just felt weighed down and my kids (who had been up for a big chunk of the night before) were STRESSING me out.  They were just SOO CRANKY!  It just wasn't a good day.

But this morning Ted got up with the girls and let me sleep in.  When I did get out of bed the girls were dressed, hair brushed, shoes on, and they were all leaving to go to the store for cereal.  We had NO cereal, which is strange for us.

He did bring them to the store for cereal but they also each got a donut and ate it there, slowly.  I was able to get a lot done before they even got home. And when they did, I was surprised by what Ted brought home.

Wow.  That's a LOT of cereal.  7 boxes (well, 6 and 1 bag). Safeway brand multi-grain Cheerios (which I love), granola cereal, 3 kinds of Chex, Peter Pan cereal (actaully Lucky Charms, but you don't argue with a 3 year old over something that trivial), and Fruit Loops (not for eating, Ted claims, but for making cereal necklaces).  Isn't Ted awesome? ...  I don't think I'll be buying cereal for a while. My husband makes me smile.

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