Because I'm that unhappy

As a preface, here is the shirt I ordered (in nimbus rose).  Here is the shirt I received (in blue).

Here is the email I wrote.

I am writing to express severe dissatisfaction with my Kohls.com shopping experience.  I purchased a Lauren Conrad shirt (SKU 91986193) and looked forward to receiving it with the rest of my order.  When my order arrived, I received an entirely different shirt (SKU 92012959).  I was very disappointed that my original shirt did not arrive as I was planning to wear it for our family pictures in a couple days.  

I contacted customer service and a very thorough man assisted me in returning the shirt.  I then reordered the shirt on the phone with this man.  It had gone down in price since I first ordered it and he honored this new price.  I was disappointed but looked forward to receiving my shirt finally.

When the Kohls.com package arrived I was infuriated to discover that once again the wrong shirt had been sent.  Not just the wrong shirt, but the SAME (SKU 92012959) wrong shirt.  I called customer service AGAIN and arranged for a pick up.  The woman who helped me said that within the week I would receive an email from an actual person to help sort things out.  She would not help me reorder the shirt over the phone.  That was disappointing since, despite the horrible experience I had, I did want the shirt.

I have received no email over a week later and do not know who else to contact.  This service is not only unacceptable, it is embarrassing.  I have shopped at Kohls for 15 years and have never been so dissatisfied.  Further, even though I was continually disappointed, no discount or other gesture was made (Kohls cash, etc.), showing me that Kohls didn't really care this had happened. 

I'm a vocal person.  I enjoy sharing my positive experiences with people and tend to drum up a lot of business for services and store I like.  Since this experience, I have shared my disappointment with my friends and family and they have commented that they won't be buying from Kohls.  This may seem small, just one person and some of her friends and family that you have lost.  But I doubt I'm the only one who feels this way and I doubt I'm the only person this has happened to.  If this type of mistreatment of customers continues I can't imagine you will continue to be successful.  Afterall, customers who don't receive the merchandise they order will go somewhere they can receive their goods.  Especially in this economy, when consumers are more hesitant to spend their money to begin with, I would expect to have been treated better than I have.

Kelly Crowder

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Unknown said...

so i was talking to one of the employees at Kohl's and she said this story is highly unusual and they will probably give you some Kohl's cash.