Back in the saddle

It's been a long time since I honestly, candidly, thoroughly blogged about something other than my children.  Sometimes I just feel like there is nothing to blog about.  But really, when did that stop me before? (example, example, example!)

So I don't remember when I said goodbye to FB most recently.  It has probably been about 2 months?  I really have no idea.  Maybe longer.  And I'd like to think that I took the time I spent wasted and put it to a super good use like keeping my house spotless or showering my children with enriching, educational activities.  That would be nice to be able to say.  But to be honest, I mostly just read.  Like, a lot.  At one point, after jumping off the FB wagon, I read all the Harry Potter books in, I think, under 5 weeks (approximately 3,400 pages).  I think, as a mother, that should be tough to do.  Or maybe as a human with a life.  But I did it and loved it and then mourned and refused to read anything else ... for 2 or 3 days.

Apart from the inspiration of reading more than every before though, I will say, I do miss FB at times.  Only because I miss certain people that I don't really communicate with otherwise.  I've voiced that to several people and a few have told me as well that they wish I was still there.  All in all, though, I'm quite happy to have broken ties with the Mother of All Time Sucking - which is obviously a technical and well deserved pseudonym.

When I'm not reading and not not-being on FB, life is just really "daily", as in regular.  My little family is thriving.  Our girls are so bright and sparkly and wonderful.  As a mother did you ever want to be on of your kids for a day or so?  I'd take 15 minutes inside either noggin.  I bet it would be fascinating.

Our nursing school journey is quickly coming to a close.  Ted still has one more semester but that's just downhill, right?  OK, maybe not but once he's in his last semester I think I think it will be a little like when the women on Biggest Loser hit "ONEder land" (Any BL fans? Do you know what I'm talking about?)  It will just be a super exciting moment, something we've worked really hard for but then it will likely pass and there will be more hard work to get to the end goal.

I think I wrote a bit of how I worked with the summer reading program at the library last year.  Well, I was called recently by the woman who oversees the program and asked to organize things again next summer.  (I guess the manual came in and she wants it off her desk?)  I felt really grateful and happy that the work I put in this past summer merited a callback.  It wasn't all fun and games - even though, literally, it mostly was.  But I had to tell her, "Well my husband graduates nursing school in May so while I'd be happy to help while we are here, I can't commit to actually being there for the program itself."  WEIRD, guys, WEIRD!  The end is in sight.  Weird.

So that's now.  That's what's up.  Life is normal but even if that's the case, I should try harder to remember to write about what normal is for us.

Oh, and because I hate to make any post pictureless, here's an awesome shot of Gwenna that makes me laugh every time I look at it.  Someday she's going to hate me for posting these things.


Heather said...

Awesome picture! Such personality! Haha.

I'm glad that you're "back in the saddle." I have been trying to get back on for over a year now, but it's just not working. So good on you. :)

The Browns said...

I totally hear ya on the facebook thing. What a time sucker! I don't regret getting off at all. I'm glad you get to read though. The second I sit down with a book, one or both of my girls is all over me. And I just don't have time to read at night...sad. I'm SO looking forward to reading again...someday. =]