Wish List 2011

I have a running Amazon Wish List. Most every time there is something I think of that I want (and usually it's something that I need-want ... meaning I want it because it would be so useful in my everyday life)I just dash over to Amazon - let my fingers to the walking - and add it to my list!

Here are my top 5 items right now.

First, a mandolin slicer followed by "Gnomeo & Juilet".
In the middle we have the 3-piece quilting set which I would NOT use for quilting but rather making banners and cutting long pieces of fabric for making things like curtains and blankies.

On the bottom are things that might seem silly to other people - silicone cupcake cups (24 please!) and buttermilk culture powder. The baking cups are self explanatory but the buttermilk power, I realize, seems odd. I just have so many baking recipes that call for buttermilk and I don't buy it regularly. I hate being thwarted because I don't have buttermilk.

My go-to for this issue is using lemon juice to curd the milk a little and I also use vinegar, depending on the recipe. We sometimes keep our spoiled milk until it's curdy (what, you'd never had sour milk chocolate cake? SO yummy!) but I can only stand that for so long.

So that's what I'm looking forward to this holiday season. This sudden cold spell has got me thinking in that direction ... and also the fact that I've been starting to work on my girls' homemade Christmas gifts. I'm giving myself plenty of time this year.

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