The Sweater

Was it three years ago? - I think it will be 3 years ago (maybe 4?) this December that my mom got this sweater for me.

I'm not gonna lie, Mom. I thought it would sit in my closet until I met someone fat enough to wear it. (It's XXL.) I know you LOVE big comfy sweaters and being that I lived in Flagstaff, it made perfect sense to you.

But, truth be told, I HAD a huge sweatshirt. A maroon ASU sweatshirt that I traded a belt for with a freshman roommate.

I don't know what possessed me to try it on but I have only taken it off since then in times of extreme heat. I've been known to wear it when the A/C is on.

Ted hates this sweater. I normally just wear it around the house but I did wear it to Walmart once, hoping to make it on or whatever that trashy website is.

I don't know what it is about this sweater that makes me feel absolutely comfortable - not just physically, but with everything. It's kind of my happy place.

Sometimes I'll wrap my children up inside the sweater with me, effortlessly. They love that, especially on chilly mornings.

It just makes things right. So as I once ignored this sweater, hanging behind every other piece of clothing in my closet, I have since come to embrace it in a way that makes my husband shake his head in shame. The only thing better than wearing this oversized delight (which is regularly dabbled in snot) is when I wear it over the pink floral night gown I bought to wear in the hospital after I gave birth to Gwenna. Now THAT is a sight.

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Heather said...

I love that you wrote about your sweater. This is just the sort of thing that I know we and our progeny will love to read about us in the future, but that I would never think to include. But I guess that's moot since I don't include anything on my blog anymore. Hahaha. (I'm working on it, but I can never think of anything I want to write about. I am lame.)