... as in Missing In Action. ... as in what I've kind of been lately.

First our computer crashed. Then our laptop was, er, in an incident of sorts. My phone has been spotty for a few months - turns off at will. We are using our old laptop but I deactivated my facebook account. I still visit Pinterest occasionally. But, by all accounts to people that don't live on my block (and even then...) I'm kind of MIA. And I know it, too. I'm not just randomly out-of-the-loop. I kind of intentionally dropped out.

I took the technological strike going on around me as a sign and have just, more or less, ducked out for a while. It's been kind of nice. But at the same time I know that (at least) my mom wonders what's going on with our crew so here's a little update.

After our trip to Phoenix two weeks ago to visit friends visiting from out of state, we have kicked back a little. Ted had clinicals that weekend AND the following weekend... big projects and papers due and others due soon. So I've been taking the seat of typist during my kids' naps and at bedtime. He talks, I type, and we're all happier when the work is done sooner. Ted has been SO busy between school and the small amout of work (read: paying job) he can squeeze in that we are always happy to spend time with him when he is here. Ted works hard to be home for dinner every night and when Ted is here he is HERE. I love that about him - he is a very "present" husband and father.

I call this picture "A Man and his Typist, a Reflection" ... literally.

We have also been harvesting away in our garden. We have no more pumpkins or zucchini but the tomatoes are still coming off on basketfuls. This past week I canned 12 (12!!) jars of salsa and most of the tomatoes from from our garden. The rest were from Bountiful Baskets, which we recently started participating in. We love it, by the way. At first I thought a dozen bananas was a bit much but that was a JOKE since we can go through 10 a week without even trying. I love getting my basketful and then planning my meals for the week around what I received. Really narrows things down.

Gwenna has been working really hard on her daily tasks. She does really well at doing her chores (putting away dishes/silverware, feeding the dogs, and helping with laundry) and tries so hard to get all her circles on her chart each week. I recently added an "obey" column to her chart so that if she isn't behaving well I remind her that if she doesn't obey and mind us as she should, she won't get her circle. Who knew a tiny shape could have so much power? I've also started to teach Gwenna some sign language as of late. We're working on letters and animals. She did some baby sign but I thought I'd put my ASL skills to use and teach Gwenny.

Mer is busy growing teeth. The whole of the left side of her mouth is mostly full but the right side is slow going. Today, on the way home from the Fair Day parade she fell asleep (not that I can blame her, a stroller walk is good for that) and slept for about 3 hours. She's battling those little daggers in her gums daily. She takes a long time to teethe. Other than that Mer is just working on growing in every other way. She is still little (for her age) but has been growing up and out and exploding in vocabulary (see THIS). She is finally outgrowing clothes and shoes. Every parents dream, right? Having to buy new shoes. ... Happy for Mer who needs a new pair every 6 months, sad with Gwenna who advances a size (not kidding) every 2 months. In other news, Meredith is rather obsessed, as was Gwenna at Mer's age, with Once Upon A Dream (Sleeping Beauty) and has started to sing the song, a Crowder girl right of passage.

Other than all the above, we're just living life every day, doing all that we do. We recently (um, today) purchased a Mac in honor of Steve's passing and due to the sudden electrical revolt in our home. I also bought a new camera (um, it's love.) from a friend who thoughtfully mentioned to me that she was selling. So in all the in between times I daydream about moving to the Indianapolis area (I know at least one friend who will find that semi-hilarious) due to a number of reasons no one would be too interested in.

So next time you think that Kelly is kind of MIA, just know that I'm probably taking pictures of something I canned/baked/crafted while helping my children color pictures of Once Upon A Dream and dreaming of my Indianapolis home of the future.


Lindsey said...

I am so happy that it is love...can't wait to see your pictures!

And good luck to poor Meredith (Merideth? hmmm, not sure) with the teething-hurts my mouth just to think of it!

Mary Anne said...

I definitely just printed off that reward chart. I agree with you on not being sure if kids should be rewarded for doing things they should be doing anyway, but thanks for sharing this because I needed something like it and it is perfect. Wow, that was a run-on sentence I'm sure. I've been MIA, too...kind of nice to not be online so much but then you feel so out of touch. Good to hear a little update from you :)