A Good Season.

There seems to be a magical point in time, somewhere between 18 months and 2, when the switch is turned on. Both my girls dug even deeper into the chasms of my heart at this stage. When my kids are from about 16 months to nearly 2, I really struggle as a mom. Not that I don't love my kids at this age (don't be silly!), but they want so badly to be able to talk, to assert themselves, and they just can't! The logical response is a tantrum.

Then, around 20-22 months they both flipped that switch. The language switch.

They started talking much earlier. But "mama" meant about 10 things for the first 6 months they said it. I'm talking about the point in time when they see something they know the word for and try to say it just because they know they can.

This is where Meredith is.

I love my second daughter dearly but she has an uncanny ability to find my buttons and push them repeatedly. To be succinct, she is me.

But now we're in that sweet spot that I wasn't sure Mer and I would reach before she turned 2 or maybe 3. I don't know that I can aptly describe it but I love it.

And it was right on time. A couple months (even several weeks) back I was weary. Meredith had become so involved. She had to be everywhere I was, do what I was doing, and she had a tough time communicating everything she wanted.

Then one day she seemed to realize that she was big enough to do things on her own, to speak (rather than scream, squeal, or whine) her mind. It really took a stress off me as a mother. I feel like we were in this thing together rather than working against each other. Now when she needs something, she will tell me or show me. ('Et's go, Mommy!)

I have new baby syndrome. Remember (for mothers and fathers) when your baby was just newly born and you wanted to watch them? Remember wanting to dissect them and see what of you was in them and just devour them? I kind of feel that way about Meredith all over again. She's my little banana, being peeled back little by little, and it's so fun to see new aspects of her personality by hearing her communicate.

The past 2 weekends - Thursday through Saturday - Ted was in Phoenix for clinicals. We were able to meet up with him at the end of his first but the second he was gone the entire time, including the nearly 4 hours of drive time each way. When he got home this second weekend Meredith burst free from the house happily squealing, "Daddy, Daddy!!" He swept her up and insisted she had grown. I think she had! She's still tiny but she's bigger. She's growing and she's growing in every direction and in every way.

I feel like her sister was just at this stage, really, but in the same turn it feels so long ago. I remember having a 22 month old and a 6 month old and loving that combination. Mer was not needing me every second and Gwenna was becoming more sufficient and so there was the sweet spot of fun. I feel like we're back there with my 3 year old and 22 month old. It's such a great mix and makes for happy days. I really am enjoying this season and the sweetness of my beautiful daughters.


Angela said...

Hear, hear!
(or would it be "Read, read!"?)

I just experienced a GREAT day with my boys and agree there are seasons to be enjoyed!

Heather said...

I really loved this post. I know it's probably silly and obviously not of the Lord, but I sometimes fear motherhood. So, I like to hear thoughts that acknowledge the difficulties of motherhood, but also talk about the greatness of it. So thanks, Kelly! :)