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Meet Millie.

We found Millie 2 weeks ago. It was reported that she had been wandering the neighborhood we found her in for 2 weeks already. Rocko, the hater of all other dogs in the universe, took to her almost instantly. There was an approximately 24-hour get-to-know-you period and now they are inseparable.

We made several efforts to find Millie's family but I don't think they want her. Even if they do, I can't figure out how we'd reunite them. Besides, she's one of us now.

I never wanted a puppy (she's about 4 months old, according to the vet) and I'm still not keen on the idea but she will grow up. Besides, she's super smart and a quick learner. She knows a slew of tricks and commands now and her leash training is coming along nicely. Of course, I say this being a witness - Ted is the dog trainer. I'm the baby trainer.

Two kids AND two dogs? At least the hairy ones can be kicked out in the yard whenever I see fit. :)

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Amy said...

It's like my family growing up and cats. We just kept finding 'em. :) I'm glad Rocko approves.