Things I like about where we live.

Sometimes I'm a real Debbie Downer about where we live. I know this. I try to contain it though and feel I do a pretty good job of it most of the time. But when you move from somewhere you love to somewhere... you don't really like, it's tough. But today I thought I'd share things I like about where we live in hopes of buoying up my spirits for the next year or so that we'll be here.

1. Our house. This is obvious. Most people know that I love our house. There are some things (um, the shower!... the white carpet!) that I'm not fond of but overall, I really love our house. It's a lot bigger than our house in Flagstaff, we have a nice size yard, and we get a ton of natural light in our big windows all day long.

2. Lots of parks. We go to a few different parks pretty regularly (weather permitting - meaning when it isn't May-August) all over this little valley - really, nearly from one end to the other. We go to Thatcher park, Glen Meadows park, the fairgrounds, Solomon School park, and sometimes Safford park. Plus, we have our teeny park in the back yard inthe form of a swing set.

3. We have a garden. It's tough since we have to water is almost constantly but we grew a ton of tomatoes this year - they're still coming off the vine, a good number of pumpkins, zucchini, and 1 watermelon that burst. Yeah, that last part is sad but we had a good crop otherwise for a small space.

4. We've made some good friends here and that's obviously priceless.

5. Ted loves his nursing program. That's not to say it isn't hard and doesn't push him because Heaven knows it does. But he feels well prepared and is learning so much.

6. There is a temple here! That actually should have been #1. I LOVE having a temple SOOO close.

... OK, that's about all I can muster for today. :) But maybe I can look back at this next time I'm feeling frustrated about where we live. So, um, tomorrow.

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