These are the days of our lives.

Yesterday morning, at about this time, as we sat at the table eating breakfast as a family, I suggested that after breakfast we go for a jaunt. Perhaps a nice little hike at Discovery Park. It has been nicer and nicer each day with the temperature dropping and the prevalence of gray clouds rising. That's juuuust how we like it. Besides, Ted didn't have any commitments until 10:00, a rarity.

So at 7:30 in the morning with our tennis shoes and dog leashes we headed off to Discovery Park.

It had rained most of the night before and everything had a feeling and look of dampness; heavy and playable trees, soft splitting mud, and moist sand. Everywhere we walked there was moist sand.

When we finally stopped for a water break, the sand we had been trodding proved too much a temptation for Gwenna and Mer not to play with.

Oh, and me. It was a bit too alluring for me not to play with as well. So I did.

After playing in the sand like we were on the beach (we were NOT on the beach!) Gwenna insisted on taking some pictures. We humor her in this endeavor, especailly since my camera is mostly broken anyway. What does it matter if she does it in?

She's not great but she's getting better all the time. She's taking pictures at a 5 year-old level at least. (I jest.)

It was such a fun morning filled with romping through the bush, "taking off running" (as Gwenna says) off the trail, looking at the fish through the underground viewing window of the pond, trying desperately to see the frogs before they jumped into the water, and of course gathering rocks.

Sometimes on these little adventures I think that these are the days we will all look back on - parents and children - as THE moments, the ones we cherish and think of fondly. We couldn't have done such an involved hike even just when we had recently moved. Just the last time we were at Discovery Park we were four hikers (Parents, Gwenna, and Rocko with Mer on shoulders) and now we are six - with another dog and Mer doing nearly all her own tromping.

We love having Discovery park close. It's one of the few places in the area we can go and feel the excitement of nature without feeling like we're lost travelers in the desert.

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