I love the stats feature on blogger. It tells you how people are finding you (which blogs are they coming from and the like) as well as what people searched to find you.

Here's what my stats are reading as:
The number 1 thing people search to find me is "blogger". OK, I get that. But why me?

Second is my full name. That's a little strange to me. Who is searching for "Kelly Crowder" and am I even who they are looking for? Afterall, claims there are 47 people in this country with my same name.

Third? My exact blog address. Weird.

Then there's a ton of different ways to describe a really terrible incident that happened to a rather lovely pastry. People search "camo cake" or "army camo cake" or a couple other varieties. The camo cake. As in, they probably LIKE the idea. Oops. Just don't put little piles of brown frosting up top to intentionally look like poop.

Of course there is the ever popular Serum Sickness, which is kind of rare, so I get that. It's still tough to look at those pictures and that wasn't even Gwenna at her worst.

People also find me by searching for this poem that Richard Maynes read in April's General Conference. I like that. It was thought provoking and inspired me. I hope other people find similar inspiration.

Oh, and of course, people search for information on men getting pedicures and since I mentioned that Ted got a pedicure with me ONE TIME, they land here.

So that's how people are getting here. And now that I've mentioned all these things again, does that mean the traffic for these topics will increase? Gosh, for Ted's reputation, I sure hope not!

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Heather said...

That is funny! I like to look at the stats too and sometimes it creeps me out.