I missed it!

Fall happened. One day it just showed up... well, not actually but according the the calendar. It's just been {still!} so blasted hot {insert Gwenna saying, "Don't say 'bwasted', Mom!"} that I didn't really pay homage to its arrival.

But it's here. It IS fall, according to the calendar and I choose to believe it. And to prove it, let me share with you what I did today.

I made a yummy baked dinner that had sweet potato in it. Doesn't sweet potato just scream "AUTUMN!" ? I think it does. It was roasted with other veggies and put in enchiladas and I wanted to lick the pan. But I refrained. ... There were children around the I have to teach by example sometimes.

Also, Ted pureed 2 of our pumpkins. I was excited to grow pumpkins this year. Then I was frustrated when they started to take over the entire garden and half the yard. Where they really worth all that space and water? Well, due to the Great Pumpkin Shortage of 2011 I now believe they are.

We also baked bread tonight. The oven was on from about 4:09 until about 7:25 with just a few breaks and strategic over-lapped cooking.

Of course I did end up turning the A/C down to 78 (when it's normally at 80 or so) to counteract the heat wave in my kitchen. But it was worth it. SO excited for cooler temperatures and yummy food!

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Amy said...

Here the temperature made a change for the fall and it really felt abrupt (but also very welcome).