We're home from vacation. We went to Utah. It was so wonderful because we spent time with people we love so much but see so rarely.

It's tough to come home from vacation, normally. But somewhere near Payson I started to get excited to go home. That's especially insane since we spent about 3-4 days in Flagstaff, a place we love a whole lot and were shocked to realize still feels like home. So leaving there was hard but somewhere near Payson I started thinking about all the things I wanted to do at home but had become burned out thinking about them before vacation.

So the day after we got home, after we had family visit and return home, we hit one of the projects I wanted to do with vim and vigor.

While on vacation Gwenna mostly slept on a toddler bed (crib size) mattress on the floor and every time I checked on her, she'd rolled off and was sleeping on the floor. It seemed to me it was time to upgrade her toddler bed to a twin size mattress.

And we did just that - but Ted was under a different notion. He thought that, since we were bringing in a larger bed for Gwenna, that Mer would be moving into Gwenna's toddler bed. My thoughts differed slightly. The consisted mostly of sentences such as:


... Or something along those lines. But, he was kind of right. 2 dressers, a crib, a twin size bed, and various toys (dress up toys, play kitchen, etc.) would NOT fit in their room. Plus she slept in all manner of beds while on vacation with no serious issue.

So we took the doors off the closet and put the larger dresser in, I DISASSEMBLED the crib, and we rearranged and dejunked. Now Mer is in a toddler bed and Gwenna is in a full fledged no-rail big girl bed. It's kind of shocking to go in there. There is no trace of baby. It's a big girl room. Granted, Gwenna took 45 minutes to go to sleep, claiming the clock kept her awake. Even after we removed the ticking clock she claimed there was another clock in there and later, that she could hear our clock in our room. She's kind of crazy about clocks. And that has nothing to do with the bed, it's just a Gwenna thing.

Anyway, it's a big girl room now.

I thought this would make my uterus throb. You know what I mean, get a sudden hunger for pregnancy, baby and what not. And I'm not going to say it didn't, but not near as bad as I thought it would. I'm happy with the stages and ages of my girlies. They're growing up little by little and it's fun to see and I love to watch them grow together - in that they are growing at the same time but also becoming closer. It's fun to approach milestones simultaneously. And there will be a tiny round bum to stick up in a crib accompanied by a fragrant head of soft, baby hair and 10 miniature toes and 10 miniature fingers to boot... someday. But it's OK that there aren't any of those things right now. My girls, in their gabbing wonder and imaginative playful days, leave no void, that is for sure.


Heather said...

Aw~ big girls all around. I know I will be sad too when my kids move up to a regular bed. Even now when peeking on their slumbering bodies at night I am always amazed at how much room they are taking up in their cribs.

The Browns said...

AW! They're getting SO BIG! I couldn't believe how grown up they both were when we saw you guys! Which, I might add, it was SO good to see you guys! =]
YAY Gwenna's big girl bed! I think I'm resisting this a LOT even though my big girl is almost FOUR! OH MY GOSH!!!