5 for Friday is back: Now carsickness free!

We went on vacation recently; we've been back a little over a week. While we were in the car I thought how, without certain things we use to get along, our trip would have been unbearable.

1. This is obvious. Our DVD player. However, our DVD player's battery took a dive not too long ago and now it has to be plugged in to work. We will get a new battery some day but that day is not today. So in the meantime, along with the DVD player, we love our Whistler adapter and also our DVD table. The table latches around the headrests of the front seats securely so both girls can watch at the same time. It swivels and adjusts so easily and it's so simple to use, a monkey could do it.

2. Books. When the girls are tired of movies a book will always save the day. I sit up front and open the book to them in a story-telling manner - very different from having them both on my lap but they love it.

3. Water bottles, empty or full, amuse Meredith. She does enjoy drinking from them (after I've half emptied them out) but she has a strange fascination with putting the cap on and taking it off again. I know she's not alone in this fixation, many kids like this sort of thing. But it helps when she's in her car seat for a long while.

4. We bank on sleep. We leave early, when we can, and try to travel to and from places either at nap time or in the evening when we would like our kids to crash. Most of the time the girls will fall asleep in the car, even if I sing them to sleep and coerce them by holding their hands and rubbing their foreheads. Sleep is our friend. If they can fall asleep in their seats, they don't have to fall asleep in a strange bed that is not theirs.

5. The number one tactic we bank on while on a long road trip is stopping and getting out. Even 20 minutes at a park we pass or a 15 minutes bathroom break livens up the whole crew. We're all about "enjoying the journey" when it comes to car trips and that means having fun, driving the pretty way (not the fastest way), and avoiding crankiness and meltdowns.

We really had a pleasant trip. The girls were happy most of the time (and it's a 26 hour round-trip drive for us from home to Provo) and our car time wasn't dreaded.

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Geevz said...

I'm flying with J tomorrow and I'm not excited. When I asked her doc for some tips, he told me the dose of benedryl for her weight :)