5 for Friday: Commitment

I've learned that when something starts to feel easy, you're probably not doing it right anymore. As of late, in our household, mothering has kind of eased. Things don't feel as difficult as they did. I'm not saying that means I need things to be hard but I do know it means I'm capable of doing more now than I was before - for whatever reasons. Most likely it's becuase my kids are older. So I'm going to make a list of 5 things I commit to do each day in my home that I haven't always been good at.

1. Put away the dishes. We don't have a dishwasher. I know, nightmare, right?? It kind of is actually and I pine for the days we'll have one again. Since we do all our dishes by hand, we're lucky that they actually get done. By time it is time to put them away, I (we) are SO done with the dishes. I do have Gwenna put away silverware as one of her jobs but the rest sits there too long. Sometimes 2 sink fulls get put way at once or the dishes only get put away when I need more room for more to dry.

2. I haven't always been great about making my bed but recently I committed to making beds every day and so I'm adding this onto the list for a freebie. It makes the room feel so much cleaner. Sometimes Gwenna will help me make her bed in the morning and then I'll make that same bed 3 more times throughout the day. But it's worth it to me.

3. Being that we're home all day, unless we have somewhere to be, I am tempted to let the kids stay in the pajamas for most of the morning. On a few days I have found myself changing my kids out of their pajamas right before naps. How pathetic! I do let my kids stay in PJs until after breakfast but after that I am going to get them dressed right away. I've been trying to do this for this week and it's helped a lot.

4. Recently Gwenna has shown a desire to read the scriptures. I must admit that I'm not very good about reading scriptures with my kids. But I find great value in touching, turning pages, and reading the scriptures in the language they are intended. The earlier we dive in, the earlier my kids will understand these sacred words. I'm going to try hard to read scriptures with each child every day - even if it's one verse. It's important.

5. I have the tendency to let my laundry sit until I have nothing left to wear. I do have method behind my madness. I only have a bout 3 or 4 pairs of pants that I wear regularly and I like to wash them all at the same time. So on laundry day I'll either wear pants I'm not fond of or comfy yoga pants. But then if I have anything going on that day, I feel frumpy or yucky. It will help that I just brought 2 pairs of pants to be altered (I'm short!) and will be able to add them to the rotation but I'm going to try to get on a better cleaning schedule. I used this and added my own "chore bank" on there to pull jobs from. Also, I added a list of "dailies" in the bottom right corner. So laundry done in a timely fashion and more organization to cleaning. Sounds good.

We'll see how well I do with these goals and I'm sure I'll have to report back and look back at this post often. ... Any suggestions on how to carry any of these out more efficiently?

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Sarah said...

I LOVE sharing my "organizational" ideas with other and getting feedback in return, so I'll share what I do to keep up with my duties and a wife, mother AND teacher (I'm now homeschooling Noah).

We ALL have charts for doing our family work every day. Even my husband. While they are NOT cute or whimisical like I KNOW you can make them, they function very well for us.

For example, for laundry, I do whites on monday, colors on tuesday, lights on wednesday, towels on thursay and ironing on friday (that way there's no last minute scrambling for a sunday morning white shirt!).
Noah's (6) list has monday: make bed, brush teeth, get dressed, empty dishwasher, feed dog, dust.
tuesday: the same but without dusting
Repeat throughout the week until friday.
Oliver (2) just has pictures: toilet paper (daddy helps with this), silver wear, and bed.
Helaman has: m/w/f pick up dog poop, t/th clean windows and mirrors that momma can't reach!

That way there is no nagging, we just do our family work. And the sooner we get it done, the more silliness we can enjoy during the day!