They are their Mother's Daughters

Talking about fat babies today with one of my young friends I asked if I had ever shown her by baby album. I hadn't. I had seen her's but had never showed her what a fat baby I was. She did remark that I was not only fat but so smiley, even at 3 months. I've just always been a smiler.

As we paged through the pictures are were surprised at how much one picture looked like Meredith. Gwenna came over, pointed at it and said, "Dat's Mer!" But of course it wasn't. It was an 18 month-old Kelly. So I put together a little comarisson - Me at 2 and Gwenna (who is just nearly 3) and then me at 18 months and Mer at 18-20 months. Kind of crazy.

Everyone used to say that Meredith favored Ted so much... but when again, Ted and I could almost be siblings (if that weren't so gross to suppose, no Arkansas jokes please!) in some of our features (and in others we are SO different). Just a fun little comparison.

Something else fun about taking out the pictures and scanning them in was that on the back of my 2 year-old shot I found my signature. I love it. What a perfect little piece of history.


Heather said...

You and your pretty girls have the same pretty smile. Full of life and joy. Cute!

Mary Anne said...

I'd have to agree that all three of you have beaming beautiful smile! So the comparisons.

Heather said...

Wow, they certainly do look a whole lot like you!