Ode to Gwenna

Tomorrow at 4:31 PM the first fruits of my womb (my womb-fruit numero uno) will be three. In honor of her birth (in 2008) I will now proceed to list 2008 things I love about Gwenna.

Gotcha? 'Cause that would be INSANE. How about three.

First is her smile. It is SERIOUSLY contagious. It's big and her pink lips frame the most beautiful white teeth, but it's not just her mouth. Gwenna's whole face smiles when she smiles and sometimes the rest of her, too. The other day I was working on her birthday banner at my sewing machine and she sat on the table, shaking with excitement. "I'm SO EXCIIIIITED for myyyyyyy biiiiirthday!!" Sometimes she gets so excited her whole body just shakes, since she was about 6 months old. It's like a full-body smile. And oh! - the way her eyes twinkle. Gosh, I'm a mom, huh? Yeah, so her smile. It's amazing.

Second, I love Gwenna's generosity. She is a great sharer at a time in life when most kids are sitting on a nest of toys and taking things from other children just because they don't want other people them to have them. She shares with Meredith much more than (likely) Mer deserves. I love this about her.

Third but not last (um, duh... I love more than 3 things about Gwenna) I love how much Gwenna loves to learn new things. When I did her yearly birthday interview today I asked when her favorite game was, fully expecting her to say something like Ring Around the Rosie (oy!), puzzles, or Hide & Seek. She said, "Letters" - a game I made that is just like Memory where you match 2 of the same letters. She just loves to learn and I hope she hangs onto that for a very long time.

Wow. THREE YEARS and as of 4:32 tomorrow she will be working on her 4th year. That gives me the heebie-jeebies! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet, sparkly Gwenna. Can't wait to see what this next year hold for us.


Mary Anne said...

Happy Birthday Gwenna! She sounds like such a sweet girl. I think her and Sadie would be friends :) You know, if we lived anywhere near each other. Maybe one day?

Lindsey said...

Can I add to your smile category that she will actually look at the camera and smile...she is a rare treasure, indeed : )

Happy birthday Gwenna!!!

Heather said...

She certainly is a cutie!