I've been listening to a station on Pandora lately that is reminiscent of the summers of the great 1990's, which, since I'm a 20-something, reminds me of my youth.

There's this one song in particular that I had sort of forgotten. It's "Praise You" by Fat Boy Slim (awesome name, if you as me). I remember seeing the music video and thinking "What the...?!" It was a flash mob. You know, the oh-so-popular flash mob that is making waves by means of halleluiah choruses, youth groups, and, well, others.

ANYWAY (gosh, I sidetrack EASILY!) ... The song, "Praise You" says something to the effect of "We've come a long, long way together, through the hard times and the good. I have to celebrate you baby, I have to praise you like I should."

I kind of feel that way about ... Safford. Well, and all my family as been through here together.

(CW from top left, taken on our porch in July 2010, Taken behind our storage shed in November 2010, Taken on our then new swing set in April 2010, Taken on our front porch weeks ago.)

It has felt like SO MUCH LONGER than a year and like we just moved here yesterday. Pne of those wacky dichotomies.

I recall moving all our things into our home when we moved to Safford. It did NOT feel like home. It was 500 square feet too big to be home. It was one bathroom less than home was. But I knew, somewhere deep, that in a few months I would enter these walls and not remember this place NOT feeling like home.

But I still remember it not feeling like home and I still remember Flagstaff feeling very much like home. I think I will always remember these things. But the important part is ...

This IS home.
And it feels that way now.
I am at home in this space and in this place.

1 year. ONE WHOLE YEAR! Where did it go? Here's to the next year. I look forward to reminiscing on this coming year next July 7.

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