First Rain

Rain is a BIG deal around here. We sniff the air for hints of it, pray for it every time we pray, and look to t he sky for it like it's made of gold. And to us, it is. Growing up where it rained much more, Ted and I kind of laugh when it's "Monsoon Season" (what a name!) but we sure do love every second of every storm.

We habitually enjoy the rain outside of doors. Our first rain this year was no different than normal.

Although, Meredith wasn't sure what she thought of it.

And Gwenna, of course, literally jumped right in.

Thankfully, the rain cooled things down quite a bit. Sad to see 95 degrees and know that it's cooled down a considerable amount.

My flowers were quite thankful for the sprinkle. They're really growing now. We plated them from seeds and just hoped and hoped they'd take. They did.

Eventually Mer joined Gwenna and they became, as they normally do, doggies. It was quite fun until they started drinking the water.

Then Meredith got a lecture from her dad about not drinking water, that it's dirty, that she can get Polio... you know, all that normal stuff.

After it tapered off we striped down (well, the girls at least) in the back yard and ate Otter Pops.

Seriously, is there anything better about an AZ summer? I submit that there is not. A nice soaking and a good popsicle can cure what ails ya'!


Mary Anne said...

Having grown up there I just about miss the monsoons more than anything (other than people). My favorite time of year, hands down. You guys sure know how to do it right! Thanks for posting about your AZ rain!

Amy said...

I think just about anyone who lives in AZ (or a place like it) becomes very appreciative of rain. I think having growing up there makes me excited to live in places where we do get rain!