5 for Friday goes Male.

Hey, Ted here. There are bazillions of reasons why I like being a dad, but for now I shall only list 5 reasons. ... Because my wife said so and it is 5 for Friday.

1. Being a dad gives me opportunities to be childish and act like a kid myself. For example, while sitting a the dinner table when we have olives, I also get to put olives on my fingers, just like my kids.

2. I always have children that love me unconditionally. Even when they get mad at me I can always find a way to make them happy.

3. Children make life interesting. Once upon a time my wife asked me, "Will marriage be boring?" I said, "Ha! Do you know who you're marrying? It will always be interesting!" And then we had children (well, like 2 years later) and I think she's always blown out of the water by how interesting life is.

4. Popsicles & bicycles. My children encourage me to have wonderful little snacks and we get to ride bikes, sometimes while eating them (the popsicles, not the bikes. That would cause indigestion.)

5. Christlike attributes. Children at experts at teaching us how to be more Christlike. Let's take the attribute of patience, for example. When your kids are screaming at you for 30 minutes and you're trying to be patient with them so you don't pick them up by their little toe and shake them, you learn how to be patient. Then God shows you mercy by letting the child fall asleep. It's also wonderful to see the children reflect on things of the Savior and see how they pop up in our everyday lives.

And that my (wife's) friends, is my 5 for Friday.


Thanks Ted for filling in this Friday. Ted is not only an amazing Dad but pretty much amazing at everything he does. He keeps life interesting, just like he promised he would.

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Heather said...

This post was crazy cute. I like Ted, and we've never even met!