5 for Friday for Posterity

One of the benefits (I think?) of my husband working nights this week is that I've gotten many things done in the evening. I have a hard time just vegging and watching TV in the evening without Ted. So, since the dishes were already done (you know, mostly...) and my house was clean(ish), I decided to scrapbook tonight. I just took recent events, most of which I had already blogged about, and threw it all together.

Last night I cleaned and prepped strawberries (.75 at Bashas!!) for freezing. I think last night was more productive but I'm OK with that. This is for posterity, right??

5 for Friday for Posterity in Pictures
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And this one is extra. I did it after all the others becuase I felt the need for something really girls. This fit the bill. Plus, it's a super rare picture of just my Mer and me. Love those. :)

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Shauni said...

Adorable! What program do you use to scrapbook? I've just been using Picasa, so I can't use any of the cute elements (.png images).