Tricycle built for ... 3

Recently Ted found a sweet bike for me. I actually already have a bike that Ted got for me last Christmas but I've ridden it... once. It was a craigslist find that his brother picked up for him and I'm not, well, overly "fond" of it. So either Ted was trying to redeem himself or he just thought of me when he saw this super-old-lady bike. Because it is - it's made for an old person.

Let me introduce you and you'll understand:

That's right, I'm the proud owner of an adult tricycle, which ironically enough, has the word "Torker" written across it.

It might sound silly, but I've wanted one of these for a long time.

I, like many of you, follow Stephanie Nielsen's blog. I, like some of you, fell in love with Madsen Bikes the moment I saw them. I'd love to own one but the $1500 price tag is totally insane and unrealistic ... a bit steep for us. So I thought something like this would be the next best thing.

When Ted told me about his find, I asked him if we could paint it blue and give it white wall tires (think: Lightning McQueen) and he obliged. Of course, he's only had a small glimpse through a shed door and wasn't even sure what color it was to begin with.

Turns out... it's blue. And in beautiful condition and has a super big comfy seat.

Here are some more shots:

Click to enlarge.

Yes, I can fit both my children in the back basket. I initially took Gwenna for a ride the day we got it. She loved it. Mer really wanted a turn though I was nervous as to how she'd behave in the basket. She did really well. She stayed seated and didn't squirm. But she did hold her fingers over one of the back tires no matter how many times I insisted she stop. Don't you think that would hurt?

The next day Ted took Gwenna on a ride to our local movie theater (or as he says "Movie House") to pick up the schedule of free summer movies. On the way home, she laid down in the basket and fell asleep. She hadn't napped that day and it was 5:30. But still, can you say, "magic bike"?!

This morning, as a little treat to my body for recovering from being sick, I decided to take both girls for a ride. I was again nervous but pretty certain they'd be good. And my certainty was dead on. They were wonderful, except for the fingers skirting the tire. That Mer is so silly and odd sometimes.

I took the pictures this morning. The picture of the girls in the collage above made me laugh so much. It seemed to say:

Oh those girls. I think we'll have fun with this bike. - Together, at least until the grow and then, individually.


Mary Anne said...

Oh I love it. You could totally make it a bicycle for four if you wanted to. You sit, Ted stands and pedals. I may or may not know from experience. Either way, I think you'd enjoy it. I love that Gwenna fell asleep in it! And Mer will either learn her lesson, or not! Ha ha. Funny girls.

Mary Anne said...

And of course when I said "bicycle built for four" I meant "TRIcycle built for four." But I'm sure you knew that.