Our Father's Day Report

Father's Day happened this year, even if there was no evidence of it on my blog (except a small mention a couple posts ago). In fact, I went back and checked, and I'm pretty sure I've never blogged about Father's Day. That seems weird to me becuase I try hard to make it good and fun for Ted and I think I succeed. ... Oh, except for last year when I tried to make his requested dinner and it ended up being way late and gross. Like, maybe one of the grossest dinners I've ever made. Ironic, no? Because Ted will eat almost anything.

Well I learned my lesson and rarely ask Ted what he wants to eat on special occasions and instead just make suggestions of yummy things until he picks on. This year we did breakfast at home but dinner at our friends' house.

Before Ted woke, Gwenna and I decorated and made breakfast. We made Ina Garten's hash browns and Martha's egg muffin things. It's bread smooshed in a muffin tin with egg and bacon. That description doesn't make it sound very appealing. It was actually SUPER yummy.

As far as gifts go, Ted got a camping table and benches, a tie Gwenna made in the cub house at Bashas, peanut butter and heath bar fudge from the lollipop shop, and two bow ties.

Sadly, Ted woke with a killer stiff neck that carried over into the next few days. I told him people at church were going to think that his bow tie was too tight and he couldn't turn his next.

I try to take pictures to make big days like Father's or Mother's day, birthdays, and the like. Plus, we were ALL awake and ALL ready for church, lookin' pretty fly. We tried to take pictures in every combination but ended up with one a few good ones (like all the ones I took of Mer and Ted. They're SOO cute together) and a LOT of outtakes.

Rocko really wanted to be in the pictures of Ted and me. He's such a doofus sometimes. But he's OUR doofus.

We got a great family picture with a self timer, a box of tissues, some scriptures, and a framed picture to raise and steady the camera. Nice, right? I love the custom timer setting on my camera. I have it take 3 pictures, 10 seconds apart. Gives us time to re-coop after silly faces or anything else.

I'm a big Ted fan and I'm glad there's a day to celebrate him (and every other father, I guess) and all that he does for our little family. Ted, you're a stand-up guy. I love that you're hard working, smart, funny, silly, and mine.


Mary Anne said...

You WERE looking pretty fly in that dress! Watch out hottie! I love the outtakes. The dog in front is hilarious. And that custom timer is pretty awesome. I've never heard of that, but man that must be handy. You guys are such an adorable family!

Geevz said...

I adore the dress you are wearing!