Much too fast

Oh am I having a "moment"!
Well, today is sort of going to be one big, long moment, I think.

I regularly think about how my kids aren't growing up fast enough or how they are growing up way too fast - normally the latter over the former. Especially since Meredith's vocabulary EXPLODED (gagel=bagel, bow=bowl, Gocko=Rocko baaah=ball... and every other pseudo-word under the sun). But every once in a while, like when Gwenna has a day with 2 accidents in 1 HOUR ... yeah, then I can't get her to grow up fast enough.

But today, today is a big long moment of "Wooooooooah there! SLOOOOW down!" It's just disappearing really fast! - "It" being my kids' little-ness. It's slipping through my fingers like sand in an hour glass.

(Click to enlarge)

The current moment started yesterday when we prepared to go to the pool and I got the girls in their swim suits. I decided to avoid a tangled mess and put Gwenna's hair in a pony tail. Mer, of course, wanted her's in a pony as well. So I put her hair in a pony tail and suddenly she looked 2. Which isn't possible, since she just turned 1... um... last NOVEMBER!

Then there was a sweet moment of almost quiet today when Gwenna was reading to Meredith. I love these moments. They both really love books - Gwenna more than Meredith but just give her time. So, Gwenna and Mer sat in a sea of books and "read" together. Gwenna asked Mer questions like, "Isn't he so cute and fuzzy?" or "Do you see the birdie?" She'll be a good teacher as she learns.

So I'll just stick my heels in the ground a little further and make sure these moments don't pass by too quickly, pee panties and all.


Suzanne M said...

I feel the SAME way, Kelly! Hayley is growing up so fast and yet, not fast enough. She goes from 5 days being dry to having 2-3 accidents in a day. I just dont get it. I feel like I'm failing with her. I shouldnt still have to say shes being potty trained...I potty trained her NINE months ago! It's been a huge stress factor in my life but I'm just trying to learn and grow and enjoy her at her age. Really, besides the potty training, I would love to just soak up her age right now and enjoy it. Because it really is quite enjoyable. :)

Mary Anne said...

Amen on the potty accidents! Glad I'm not the only one. I can't (and can) wait until the day when they are a little older and interact on a more personal level. Sadie already takes care of Canon, and they play together, but usually Sadie just gets frustrated at how Canon is playing. Ha ha. Anyway, those girls of yours are too stinking cute! I love when the vocab picks it!