Mer and Mom

There are a few things I love about this picture.

First, Mer is looking at the camera. She has a tough time with that. I had just taken a picture a few second previously and showed it to her in the "instant playback." That's why she's pointing. She really liked looking at the pictures right after I took them.

Also, I feel like I look more like my sister in this picture. When I was scrolling randomly between pictures it caught me off guard how much I looked like her. And even then it's not a terrible lot. We haven't looked much alike since we were young - like elementary school young. And now she and Gwenna look so much alike. Maybe if I can look like my sister and Gwenna can as well... maybe Gwenna really does have my genes after all.

If you click to enlarge this picture, Mer has grime in between her fingers. That is very characteristically Meredith. She loves to get dirty. Even in her church dress (This picture was taken post nap {which, coincidentally, occurs during the last 2 hours of church - she sleeps on the nursery floor every week, screaming children and all} and post church) she still manages grime somewhere - and just a little more than "awh, she's a kid, let 'er be!" She has a talent for messy.

Also, I took this picture. Anyone who has taken a self-portrait with me knows I have worked to perfect it over the years. I think I'm doing well.

Further, it's a picture of me and Mer. They are so rare. I don't know why that is. Likely because she's a mover, a runner, and super silly so they rarely turn out really well. But this is a rarity and I love it.

Last of all the things I love of this picture (the ones I'm willing to list) is that the first smile Mer cracked in a short line of takes to get this picture was because she was looking at a picture of her daddy on the wall. "Dah-deeee!" She just loves her daddy. And so do I. One of the many things Mer and I have in common.


Sarah said...

My Oliver MUST look at the photo after I take it or he won't let me take anymore. Aren't our kids alive in a wonderful era?

I mean, I had to take a WHOLE roll of film and wait like TWO WEEKS to get it developed, and even then, most photos of me were fuzzy.

It's a good thing they are sooooo cute and photographic, the lucky little guys (and gals)!

Mary Anne said...

Why do mommy baby pictures have to be such a rarity? Maybe so we treasure the ones we have like...a treasure. She is adorable, and so are you :)