light bulb moment

I had a brief realization today.

Last night at about 5:00 I stated feeling ... off. Ted grilled hamburgers for dinner, with sweet potato fries. But all I could get myself to eat was an apple and a 1/4 of a burger - grudgingly. 8:30 found my puking... and puking. It's been 5 years since I have puked (the day of my bridal shower in 2006, to be exact) and I wasn't too happy about it.

Then, as I continued to puke through the night, Ted also started to puke. It was 3:30 and he was cuddling Gwenna in our bed, getting her back to sleep, when he popped out of bed and returned her to her bed. I thought nothing of it and, apparently, instantly fell into a heavy sleep. He returned to report that he was also puking.


I prayed and prayed my girls would avoid this illness and so far they have. But Ted and I were TRASHED this morning. And I knew just what to do. Starting at 7:50 I made about 6 calls to our neighbors until their line was no longer busy. I proceeded to ask if they'd take our un-fed and helpless children. And they did.

I got to thinking about what a blessing this is. They took the kids with no hesitation - even woke other of their children up to help - and when they collected our girls, they got their shoes on them and wished us well. And at 12:30 when Meredith was blinks away from sleeping they returned her to her own bed so she'd sleep longer. Gwenna is still there as I type and wait for my ramen to cook.

Who would I have called in Flagstaff? It's not that we don't have people there we could call, but in our smaller pool here, there were 3 names that popped into my head that I wouldn't even hesitate to call. It's shocking to me that this place I regularly complain about takes such good care of us, even if it's a lot of love from a few people - rather than a pretty good amount from a LOT of people, like we had it in Flagstaff.

So I'm grateful today for the people we DO have here and how they bless our lives and love and help raise our children. They are invaluable.

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Amy said...

Hey, I'm sick too. Not the throwing up. More the head congestion that leads to nasty headaches and hoping I don't get an ear infection from it.