Friday is going to be a little crazy. I thought, since I had 10 minutes of downtime, that I'd do my 5 for Friday WAY in advance. It's the 3rd blog post I've written today and neither of the other 2 were published so we'll see how this goes.

Here are 5 of my favorite things... right now, at least.

1. My current favorite sound is Meredith's laugh. It's so sweet, like a song.

2. My favorite part of the day is about 10:30 pm, when I'm laying in bed, my body is meeting lovingly with my amazing mattress, and my husband is beside me. It's quiet in my house and everyone is peaceful.

3. My favorite food right now is hot dogs. Weird, right? All beef hot dogs with ketchup and a little mayo. I love it. Gwenna and I shared one at lunch.

4. My favorite thing about Father's Day was seeing Ted is his bow tie. He was so excited and proud of himself for figuring out how to tie it so quickly. Plus, a bow tie fits Ted really well. He was meant to wear a bow tie.

5. My favorite thing to do with my girls these days is go on a bike ride. There is an old mini golf place up the road that we can get to without leaving residential streets. It's for sale and trashed with palm frands and other yuckies. But through all that, my girls can see the little houses and Gwenna says, "It's the princess houses. There is where Once Upon A Dweam wivs (lives), and Snow White...." It's super cute and fun.

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