Failure = Success

I almost resolved that we wouldn't have a "real" lunch today. Maybe I'd just give the kids pears, yogurt, and bananas and hope if they ate enough their stomachs would at least feel full. Sad, right?

It's just that I'm having a hard time thinking up 3 meals for every day. Why does it always feel harder to do this in the summer? It's not like my kids go off to school and eat there so once summer rolls around I suddenly feel burdened. Summer just throws a hitch in my get-along no matter where I am in life.

So I got up from my summer reading (that's a given in the summer time!) and decided I should throw SOMETHING together in the midst of my failure. And that's when I had the idea to make tortilla pizzas. Just some spaghetti sauce and a couple kinds of shredded cheese on a tortilla, thrown under the broiler for a few minutes. I just hoped the kids would eat it.

And eat it they did! Lunch today was the first meal in a while that both my kids ate ravenously. I should have made THREE tortilla pizzas rather than just one for each of them.

Of course I still pushed the fruit and yogurt but I also found something they really enjoy.

And in the midst of what I felt was failure, as I dragged my feet into the kitchen and willed my mind to think of something to eat, I found success. This happens so regularly. What a mom moment.


Mary Anne said...

What's wrong with fruit and yogurt for lunch?!? Ha ha. I feel like this too sometimes.

kelly said...

Nothing, actually. It's a staple breakfast around here for my little breakfast rabbits - who pick at their breakfast food like it insulted their shoes. ... I just know my kids will be hungry again in an hour if I bank on it.