5 for Friday, with a story

My 5 for Friday today comes with some back story that started yesterday and may have not ended. We will see.

I was in the bathroom doing my hair for all of 90 seconds yesterday (I didn't do it pretty, just did it.) when Gwenna came in and said there was a spider in the living room. I asked where and she proceeded to do creepy crawly fingers up her leg and say "He's doin' 'dis (this)." I knew that meant he was creeping across the floor, not her body, or the blood curdling scream she would've let out would've pulled at least 2 houses of neighbors over.

I didn't find the spider and moved on. Moments later, as we prepared for our bike ride, I saw the little bugger. Strike that, rewind. I saw the gargantuan. He was by the diaper changing station in the living room. I ushered Gwenna on the couch and tried the same with Mer but she would have none of it. To make a long, darting story short, eventually he was under the end table and I was trying to throw a paper plate on him which I would then step on, smoosh, set on fire, burn the house down, and start over. ... I was kind of grossed out.

In the process of hunting him out, Gwenna became very intrigued. She bent down over the arm of the couch. Of course itsy-bitsy's freakishly large cousin bolted up the couch. See figure 1:

Naturally the blood curdling scream and terror ensued, though no neighbors came rushing over to save the day (boo!). Mer reacted to Gwenna's terror, not knowing before this point in her life or this incident, that spiders are scary. I try super hard to make things not scary for the girls, so much so that I nearly swallow my tongue every time I dispose of a creepy crawly - most times depositing him or her outdoors. Nice, right?

But now they both knew this situation was horrifying... so I smacked him with a man-sized-flip-flop and he, of course, ran under the couch.

Of course, I took pictures before that happened as any self respecting blogger/mother would do.

So there we were with a spider the size of New Hampshire under the couch (it's a big couch?) and Gwenna telling him to "sit and stay". I quickly ushered the girls outside, though they were frightened to go out the door (just to the right of the picture above).

The remainder of the day Meredith would cry, pretty much all the time, when not being held. She has a "fear cry" that I think I have mentioned. It's SHRILL and urgent. She'd be standing in the back room - 3 rooms away from the living room, and be terrified. I'd pick her up and she'd CLING to me, clutching handfuls of clothing, hair, or whatever she would wrap her little hands around.

The story continued into the night. At midnight-ish Mer woke up with her shrill cry. Ted brought her to our room to calm her down and I didn't put 2 and 2 together until she had fallen asleep for the 5th time and woke with a terrified yelp - Meredith was STILL thinking of the spider. She didn't actually go back to sleep until Ted had given her a father's blessing around, I think, 3 am. Then half an hour later, after she fell asleep laying down on top of me in our bed, her head and my neck sticky with sweat, I was able to transfer her back to her bed, where she is still sleeping at 9:15. So much for all my hard working fending off spider fears.

Oh, and this is NOT the first spider like this we've seen in our house. It's the third and I'm ready for an exterminator.

So for this 5 for Friday post, I want to share 5 things I am afraid of. I think it will be a stretch but I'm working on thinking of 5.

1. My children drowning. I'd obviously HATE for my children to die any way at all but I know that drowning is a silent killer and even small amounts of water can do it.

2. Driving in the mountains. Ever since Ted and I were hit, head on, as we went up a mountain in Flagstaff and were sent down the side of the mountain, shortly before we were married, I have been terrified of driving in the mountains. Mountainous night driving is even worse.

3. Wildfires. I know that houses burn down, people lose things, and we still have what matters but I'd hate to be in that situation nonetheless. Especially thinking about this at this time of year and with all the fires in our state.

4. Prolonged pain. I'm not great with pain. I like to stick it out and avoid medication as long as I can but I hate the idea of prolonged pain with no relief in sight. I don't really have to worry about it, but I hate the idea.

5. Debt. I don't like the idea of being indebted to someone or some entity (i.e. a credit card company) becuase debt never sleeps and never goes away until you pay it off. It's ruthless. We obviously have a mortgage but we have no car debt since we paid one off years ago and bought the other outright, almost no credit card debt (we pay it off each month even though we use our Discover card like a debit card becuase of the cash back rewards), and a super small amount of school debt. We work hard to stay out of debt.

So that's my horrifying 5 for Friday. I hope today is better than yesterday for little Mer!


Heather said...

Oh that is so sad! Breaks my heart that Meredith was/is totally terrified of that dang spider. I hope it abates and she forgets especially since you work so hard to not instill fear.

I fear debt too but at this point am embracing the education debt and we have Dave Ramsey style plans to pay it all off by the time M & K graduate, so pretty much 10 years after all the medical training is said and done. We are on the same page with our mortgage, owning our cars and paying off our credit card each month.

Amy said...

We had some good sized spiders in Oklahoma, like the large one that had babies on it's back and ran into our garage (which Wes shooed out). We also had tarantula holes in our yard. It was funny to see tarantulas jumping up and down on the highway.

Spiders don't scare me so much, but scorpions DEFINITELY make me yelp.

Heather said...

I had the opposite reaction of the other Heather and found this story kinda funny and thoroughly entertaining. (Am I bad person?) Disclaimer: I did not think Meredith's fear was funny.