5 for Friday goes Pinterest

Do you LOVE Pinterest? 'Cause I do! I thought I'd give you my most favoritest recent pins for my 5 for Friday. Here goes!

1. I love this saying found here: Our forevers go together. It's my new favorite. :)

2. This shirt. Just makes me laugh a little. All y'all mamas understand.

3. Thought this ring was super cute. I made one for me and one for Gwenna - same ring, just a smaller one for her. I used a button that looks like a little wooden flower.

4. I swear I am going to make a shirt like this for Gwenna - obviously NOT a onesie. She's such a little lover of camping.

5. Then last but not least, oh how I love this ring. I love pearls, to a fault really. I blame my mom and dad who got a set of real pealrs (bracelet, necklace, and ear rings) for my when I turned 16 claiming, "No self respecting Mormon should be without pearls." But I have no ring. I love this one.

Now back to hanging with my sister. And I think my husband has 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies to make for her in exchange for her letting him take her Jag to Willcox today. THAT made the ride a little more fun than normal!

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