More like Monday!

I didn't do a 5 for Friday and I have no good reason. I just forgot. So I want to squeeze it in this morning before laundry.

My More on Monday 5 for Friday will be 5 pictures from the past month that I love. Easy enough, right? :)

First up, a picture Gwenna took.

Gwenna took this picture when we were moving our bedroom from the back room addition into the "main house" (which is just 1 of 2 bedrooms). The back room became another family area. It's the best thing we've done in our house in a long time and I love the swap, even if my closet is now on the other side of the house than my bedroom.

Above is a typical day in the new family room. We just have the recliner and the glider and then our guest room bed is in there as well. I look forward to people staying there, just like I did when it was in the main house.

Also, a couple weeks ago, my parents came to visit.

It was SO MUCH fun to have them here and the girls were really sad when they left. Wish we lived closer even though we're only about 3 hours apart now.

A couple weeks ago we went camping. It was a lot of fun and the girls did so great! This picture above is Gwenna looking through the "'noculars" at ... whatever a 2 year old thinks she can see through binoculars. These binoculars belonged to me almost-grandpa Jack and I love how much Gwenna loves them. I used to love to play with them when I was little.

And finally, a picture from Mother's Day - which would not have been in this post if I had done it last Friday! So that's a bonus. This, of course, is my girls and me yesterday on Mother's Day. I love this picture. Mer could have smiled and if I had any photoshop skills (oh how I wish I did!) I could take her smile from another picture and put it in here. Sad, since I don't have a picture with the 3 of us smiling from any time in the past ... almost year (11 months). Oh well. I still LOVE it :)


Jewel said...

I can see why you love those pictures. I do, too! :)

Mary Anne said...

Glad you waited until Monday, too so we could see that last picture! One thing you can rest assured of...your pictures are real. And it is still a gorgeous Mother's Day picture! When the mom looks good, what else matters, right? I kid. Sort of. Not that your girls don't look good, because THEY DO. Such cuties. I couldn't believe it when Sadie actually smiled in our Mother's day shot. Pure miracle.

Isn't it funny how changing things around in your house can make such a big difference? Hooray for that.