Menu for this week

Monday: Tacos - pretty simple. Ground, seasoned turkey, lettuce, beans, salsa, a little cheese, in a low-fat tortilla with spanish rice on the side. The rice recipe is one my mom found and it's so yummy!

Tuesday: Chicken tenders, sweet potato tots (just diced, roasted sweet potato pieces), and green beans.

Wednesday: Surgery day - A sweet friend is bringing dinner to us.

Thursday: White chicken chili from here & corn bread

Friday: Turkey burgers and corn on the cob

Saturday: Pizza stromboli from here . I'll make mine with mini meatballs.

Sunday: Chicken enchiladas from here


Mary Anne said...

Can I come eat at your house? Those chicken enchiladas DO look yummy. And we just had white chicken chili, but not in the crockpot and I LOVE me a crockpot dinner!

Amy said...

Now I want to make sweet potato tots.

Oh, and just for the record (because when you do this I tend to notice similarities in our menu choices),
tonight we had nachos, so mexican food like, and Friday is traditionally pizza. Not a strong connection, but I tried.

Good luck with surgery this week! We'll be praying things will go well and you'll recover quickly!