Major Brag Post

My husband finished my Mother's Day gift. Sadly, it's built permanently into the walls of a rental house (the landlord approved of course) ... and happily, I get to enjoy it until we move!

The laundry area of our house was lacking and started out this way:

And then the fun began! Here is Ted putting up the supports.

... Followed by the frame of the cabinets.

And finally they were painted, the hanging bar was installed, and the hardware, of course, was added.
It looks awesome, obviously. Anyone can tell that. But there is a reason behind the design. Ted designed these cabinets in the laundry area to match the kitchen cabinets. Our landlord refinished these cabinets - twice actually and this is the color combo and design they liked. So here is a picture of the kitchen cabinets:

And the ones Ted made:

The paint looks a little different in the pictures. It's totally just due to the lighting in an open vs. confined area.

Ted did such a great job. I couldn't be happier with the cabinets. It took him 3 days to build these, working intermittently, while caring for us as I recovered from surgery. He used his own design and measurements, just based off of what is in hte kitchen. He's pretty much a genius. And a self-taught genius at that. I love the cabinets and am shocked at the difference they make!


Beth said...

Woh, Ted needs to head over here and duplicate what he made! I love them!

The Browns said...

AWESOME! Too bad you guys aren't still living here!! Ben could use some help with his projects! I'm not saying he's incompetent in any way...he just has NO ONE to help him here! Tell Ted he's awesome!! =]