I did what?!

Normally I'd post this on my craft blog - since it's been dead lately. But I wanted to break up the gallbladderless posts. They're kind of a drag even if they're raw and true. :)

So, I want to share something I did yesterday. I whipped out my sewing machine ... wait, you didn't know I had one? Well I didn't either. Just kidding, I knew. I remembered recently, actually, that Ted got a beautiful sewing machine for me for Valentine's Day, 2007. I've used it before ... 2 or 3 times. But not in the past year and a half.

So, as I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself. I pulled out my sewing machine and did something I've wanted to do for a long time.

When we moved in, our awesome landlord asked if there was anything the house was lacking. We only wanted for one thing - a door to the addition. It was our bedroom but we changed that up a couple months ago (really, about two, a couple). All the while we were in there I wished I had a curtain to cover the glass panes - to allow more privacy. Not that we needed it, being in the back of the house and being that it's just the 4 of us. But I thought it would be nice.

Our landlord had the door custom made since the doorway is slightly smaller than standard. Here is the before picture.

It's not really a fair before picture since that was right after it was installed and the plastic wasn't even off the windows, never mind the fact that it wasn't even painted yet.

But it was painted and we switched things up and now it is the play room/guest room. I wanted out visitors to have more privacy. So I made a curtain. And here it is!

Viola! I think it turned out great. It's JUST what I wanted. Sheer enough for privacy but you can't see right through it. Plus, I made the little thing in the middle to gather it up in the day time.

I am in LOVE with the fabric I used for the tie. Eventually I plan on making it velcro but right now I dig the tied look. CUTE! I want to do curtains for the room with the same fabric.

Notice Ted on the other side of the door, working hard at my Mother's Day gift. Still working on my cabinets above the washer and dryer. Bless his heart. I've been keeping him busy by doing ... nothing. I am at a point where I can do more so he's gotten a LOT done. He's actually down to painting now. After the shelves are painted, he'll install the doors and it will all be done.

Lots of fun things going on around our house lately. Can't wait to see if the sewing machine stays out for a bit or if it goes back into hibernation. Lots of balls in the air right now but I'd love for it to make a lingering visit.


Beth said...

The curtain looks great! Woohoo for sewing! I love to sew, or really it's a love/hate relationship but it's so stressful when little kids are around to pull and prod on my projects. I hope you get to do more.

Mary Anne said...

Good for you! You may have inspired me. I have been thinking about my sewing machine a lot lately. And how I should use it. But it's just not one of my strong points so it seems to sit more than anything. I need a simple (yet worthwhile) project to get me going. What to do...