5 for Friday, Shopping

5 Thing I bought today:

3 cinnamon rolls from Main Street Cafe ,
2 Rolled up T-shirts from the EAC bookstore ,
And 1 smokin' hot belt from Sorellas.

My dear friend Lisa is in town and we had such a blast today visiting old haunts and old friends ... or at least, friends from the past. We're not old enough to have old friends.

If you haven't had a cinnamon roll from Main Street Cafe, I feel kind of sorry for you. They're a slightly hidden gem in the Gila Valley.

A little anecdote from visiting Sorellas today: Gwenna was along with Lisa and me. She's an amazing shopping companion - "she" referring to Gwenna but that is at least equally applicable to Lisa whom I LOVE shopping with! Well, while at Sorellas, Gwenna yanked a surprisingly cute hat off the hat stand and brought it to me, exclaiming, "Mom, this hat is GWEAT!" And she was right, it was a great hat. I just love that Gwenna has good taste!


Geevz said...

Too much fun!

Erica said...

I got the table legs at home depot. Dan had to cut them shorter so they were the right height. Funny that your desk needs to made into something else as well. :)

Mary Anne said...

Cute story...what a fun girl you have!! And now I need to eat a cinnamon roll. Or three :) Wait, did you buy five things or six?

kelly said...

Dang it! 6.