5 for Friday Family Smorgasbord

We have 5 members of our family (we have a dog, don't go jumping to any conclusions!) and I have 5 points to hit today. I tried to write another post - a family update - yesterday but Blogger was down so I will make yesterday's post today's post.

1. Ted: Finished his semester, aced it. Built a bench (our of pallets) for the porch the next day. He's been missing wood working. I can't believe he hasn't built anything since Christmas! Ted has applied for a few jobs this week for summer work that will hopefully carry over into part-time work for the rest of our time here. Ted's cousin's son is being baptized this weekend and we're heading to Phoenix for that.

2. Kelly: I am so excited our garden is growing! I made zucchini fritters today out of the garden and I realized that I need to start doubling some things. Our little girls' appetites are growing! My surgery was moved up (by my choice) to Wednesday the 18th. This means we are not going on vacation to CA (Disneyland) and while I'm a little sad about that, I really feel like it was the right thing to do, moving up the surgery. In other news, I'm working hard at planning the summer reading program at our local library. The program is all volunteers for this summer. It's great fun. I'm also working as a member of the activities committee for Relief Society (women's organization) at church. I'm counting down the days until my dear friend Lisa visits at the end of the month. Lots to be excited about.

3. Gwenna: Gwenna is getting SO big - physically and mentally. She's so dang smart. With this smartness comes the fact that she thinks she can get around rules. Needless to say, Gwenna has been in time out a little extra lately. Gwenna is improving on counting and her letter recognition. She loves strawberries and is working on riding her big bike that Aunt Niki gave her (it has training wheels, she's not THAT big!) since she has just about outgrown her tricycle.

4. Meredith: Meredith is going through growth spurts as well. She has starting to look like Gwenna did - skinny and then chubby the next day. Meredith's vocabulary is exploding as she approaches 18 months. Yesterday she shook her finger at Rocko and told him, "Bad boy!" Her first sentence was, "OK Mama" a few weeks back. Meredith has also started singing recently and imitating the noises things make - such as trains. Mer has turned into a bit of a monkey, climbing every thing she can!

5. Rocko - Rocko has been testing his boundaries lately. Being that he's generally obedient, we allow him to play in the front yard with us without his leash. As of late he doesn't like to listen and scared our neighbors' great grand daughter the other day. Despite his naughtiness, Rocko is mostly a good boy. He loves playing fetch with balls, bones, and sticks.

That's our family update and your 5 for Friday Family Smorgasboard!

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