When we're Ted-less

I hate being Ted-less. Nothing is made better by Ted being out of town for school. But, it happens and we make the best of it. Surprisingly, our best is pretty good!

When Ted is gone, meals are simple. Dinner isn't superb but I do cook so chalk one up for me! Tonight is a super simple pasta sauce (from scratch but seriously, the easiest thing EVER) over frozen ravioli. Yesterday it was mini turkey burgers that I mixed up 2 hours before they needed to be cooked. I like to prep early when my kids are behaving because that's rarely the case come dinner time. We also had Kelly's special corn - that is just yummy, nothing mind bending. So, yes, simple meals are a survival tactic.

Really simple. Like, feeding my kids out of a blue box for lunch. I don't like to do that but sometimes we do.

Also, Rocko is a new star of the show when Ted is gone. I don't make him sleep in his crate when Ted is gone and he spends a lot of time with us. I wouldn't say I'm paranoid, just smart. I like to make sure our big scary guard dog is around ... to lick to death any potential hazards. At any rate, he makes me feel safe.

We play outside a LOT when Ted is gone. There are 2 reasons for this. This first is that the kids LOVE it. We swing, slide, play in the sand, water the whole front and back yard (which is very amusing to my kids), and eat popsicles. last time he was gone we sat outside and painted our toe nails. The second reason is that I don't, generally, do housework when Ted is gone. So we have lots of time to play outside.

Back to that reason number two. That's right, I generally don't do housework while Ted is gone. I pick up after the kids at night but I don't really vacuum, scrub anything, or do dishes. Maybe the laundry would be less insane if I did it while Ted was gone rather than putting it on the back burner. You can think it's kind of gross, I'm OK with that. But sometimes the thought of getting ALL my housecleaning done and keeping the kids happy and getting a good dinner on the table... stresses me out a little. I don't like getting stressed out while Ted is gone because I can't pass the buck to anyone. So, preventative maintenance and maybe 1 sink of dishes... that's about it. I do what I can and anything else if not a worry.

We also make sure to visit someone while he is gone. Sometimes, in the craziness of life, we can go several days with no visits or play dates with friends. But I make a special effort to make sure we see people when Ted is gone. Sometimes people visit us and that's even better.

Something that makes us feel really good is praying for Ted every chance we get. We pray for him in the morning, evening, at each meal, and any other time we feel so inclined. We really want him to have a good time when he's working at the hospital - learn a lot and be successful.

This sounds kind of absurd when you realize that when Ted travels for school it's all of 3 days. I make it sound like weeks. But 3 days without one of our star players is a lot.

All the while Ted prays for us. I know this becuase he told me. And I think, between my awesome game plan and Ted's fervent prayers, we get by great. I could probably extend myself a little more, but I'd rather not try. We get by great and I want to keep it that way!

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Ted said...

Thank you for saying I'm one of the stars around here! I love you sweetheart!